Track LeSure, Sr. professionally known as Trackman is a man of many hats. Originally from the group X-Camp and besides his role as a father...He is a hiphop artist, producer, studio engineer and video director/editor and designer. A definite industry go-to guy for anything music or film.
Trackman has many credits between both mediums that include names such as DJ Paul of Three Six Mafia, La Chat, Murphy Lee of The St. Lunatics, Fiend (Formally of No Limit Records), Hotboy Turk, Lil Wayne, Birdman, Soulja Boy, Spliff Star, Benzino and countless more. He is definitely revered in his Hometown of Memphis as a "Monsterpreneur".

Track is no stranger to the rap scene, as his current effort "Stay Out The Way" with Cypriot rapper and producer, A.M. SNiPER has streamed over 850k times since its release.
His prior releases include The Prelude and The Prelude II with lights of a Prelude III on the horizon as well as a few independent film efforts. Make sure and keep up with Trackman on IG @trackmanforever